A Final Move of God

We are clearly living in “the end of days”. But a final move of God to thrust in a major harvest is inevitable. The prophet Isaiah told us in chapter 60 that it would be very dark in the world in the last days. He also told us that the glory of God would greatly manifest during that same time. The lady Fuchsia Pickett had a vision in 1963 of these final days and she saw a great move of God.

The church would network for a great harvest. We are seeing that like never before. Many churches are coming together for the cause of Christ and letting down the walls that would separate them. It is a very exciting time for the church.

The world is being drawn to the church because the church has the answers that the world does not have. I hope you can find your way this Sunday to a strong Bible believing church that believes in this final move of God that’s before us.


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